Understanding the Culture

Understanding the Culture Worldview Course (2022–2023)

Understanding the Culture is a one-year (August–May) worldview course designed to help high school students cultivate discernment and biblical convictions to develop a godly worldview on a variety of urgent cultural issues.

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Covenant Classical Academy and Trinity College of Louisville are pleased to offer high school students a one-year worldview course called Understanding the Culture. This class will be taught all year in a hybrid format: a combination of live students in-class and distance students who will join us over Zoom.

This course will help students understand what culture is, how culture is formed, how culture shapes people, and how Christians can work to shape culture. The course will consider many urgent questions of our day: how Christians should think about entertainment, technology, sexuality, politics, justice, the environment, and more while reinforcing a Biblical perspective on each of these topics. A Socratic, discussion-based method will engage students in active learning, teaching them to critically evaluate truth claims on the basis of Scripture.

The cost for the course is $399; students will also need to purchase the textbook and student manual.


Understanding the Culture will be taught live to the high school students at Covenant Classical Academy in Louisville, Kentucky. Local homeschool students are welcome to join the class live on an a la carte basis. Distance students will connect to the class via Zoom and every effort will be made to involve distance students in active class participation. Class will occur Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:15–3pm, EST. The first day of class will be Monday, August 22, 2022.


The Understanding the Culture curriculum will be taught by Steve Whitacre, headmaster at Covenant Classical Academy and pastor at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville. Steve loves to help young people think clearly about the culture from the standpoint of a biblical worldview. He holds MDiv and ThM degrees from Southern Seminary and is a PhD candidate through the University of Aberdeen (via Trinity College Bristol).


Understanding the Culture will be $399 for the year (please note that payment will be processed by and appear on your bank statement as “Covenant Classical Academy”).

Students will also need to purchase the textbook and student manual for the class:

College Credit Option

High school seniors and juniors may take Understanding the Culture for college credit. After purchasing the class, further information will be provided to interested students through the registration process.

Next Steps

Once you purchase the class, we will send registration materials and further details. If you have any questions at all about Understanding the Culture or Trinity College of Louisville, please contact us!

Understanding the Culture